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3 Reasons Why Weeds Have Gone Wild This Summer

The Greenery, Inc. - Wednesday, August 23, 2017

You may have noticed that there are more weeds in your lawn and gardens this summer. In fact, this is one of the worst season we’ve seen for weeds in many years. Why is that so?

  1. 1. Ranifall – we’ve received about 25% more rain than usual, and the excess water helps the weed seeds to germinate. Weed seeds germinate rapidly and the plants grow very quickly. Any herbicides that get applied are washed away by the frequent summer showers.
  2. 2. Thank you Hurricane Matthew – The strong winds and storm surge helped spread the weed seeds to areas where they can thrive. Additionally, the lessened tree canopy allows sunlight in areas that were once shaded, providing the weeds all light they need to thrive.
  3. 3. Mild winter weather – the mild winter temperatures allowed more weeds to survive into the spring and summer.

These three factors have caused what Clay Kinard, our head horticulturist, calls the worst weed crop he has seen in 35 years. Clay and all our crews are working diligently to stay on top of the situation, with pre-emergent and herbicide treatments, and physical weed removal – we are up for the challenge! If you have any questions of concerns, you should contact your account manager at The Greenery.

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