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Each Greenery employee has a vested interest in the success of our company. We believe an ownership mentality results in great service to our customers.

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Our retail operations on Hilton Head Island include a nursery, greenhouse and an eclectic antique and garden gift store.

We received a Grand National Environmental Improvement Award for landscape maintenance at this 5 star world class resort.

From thousands of acres to a neighborhood entranceway, we excel at providing exceptional services on time and on budget.

We offer residential and commercial landscape maintenance services customized for clients from basic to concierge approach.

Recent Blog Posts

Turf Grass Seedheads

The Greenery Garden Center - Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blog Post by Miles Graves, The Greenery, Operations Manager Read More

The Greenery Offers Free Gardening Seminars in July

The Greenery Garden Center - Monday, July 14, 2014

Who says nothing in life is free? Well, The Greenery Garden Center is offering FREE seminars this July that are sure to entertain and educate. The Greenery is located at 960 William Hilton Parkway, Hilton Head Island.  Read More

Maximizing your Garden and Landscape with The Greenery!

The Greenery Garden Center - Monday, June 09, 2014

Maybe you saw this bizarre, but true, story on the news. Residents of Albuquerque are dealing with swarms of grasshoppers that are so large they actually show up on weather radar, according to ABC News. Fortunately, we don’t have pests or disease of that magnitude here in the Lowcountry, but there are still plenty of problems that can plague your garden or landscaping.  Our free customer seminars at The Greenery this month will help you prevent damage to your landscape, and will teach you how to design and plant appropriately to have a beautiful garden and landscape that will thrive against the challenges of nature! Read More

Does Proper Pruning Even Matter

The Greenery Garden Center - Tuesday, June 03, 2014
By Miles Graves, The Greenery, Operations Manager Read More

Make Your Flowers a Blooming Success

The Greenery Garden Center - Thursday, April 10, 2014

The pollen will end soon, the Azaleas have almost finished blooming and your lawn is getting greener (at least I hope yours is). So now what? Many of us gardening fanatics get a little stir crazy going into late spring/early summer. We've fretted, analyzed and fertilized and now we have nothing to do.  Using annual flowers to add interest to your garden and landscape and to ease the gardening itch is a good solution. This unfortunately often leads to disappointment as flowers perform poorly, are eaten by deer or just completely die because we don’t properly care for them. So here are some suggestions to make your flowers a BLOOMING success this summer. Read More

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